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At Nowsight, we believe knowledge is power.

The more you know about your business, the better you can lead and succeed.

The more employees know about their goals and the company direction, the more empowered and productive they become.

We’ve compiled some of our best resources here, so you can better understand Business Intelligence (BI) and how it can dramatically improve your company’s trajectory. Read on!

Case Studies

Read how BI has transformed real-world business (even during the pandemic!)

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Case Studies

JL Gaddy: Improving Profitability Account by Account

  • Hit per-store profitability targets in just months
  • Raise profitability targets driving further business success
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and manual reporting
  • …and more!

Southco Distributing Sales Insights: Driving Profitability to New Levels

  • 50% reduction in underperforming accounts
  • 10% increase in per-store profitability
  • 100% real-time order visibility for sales and territory managers, and company leadership
  • …and more!

Seegars Fence Gains Unprecedented Visibility into Performance

  • 4,000+ hours of reporting saved (equivalent to 2 FTEs)
  • 6x more data to company leadership
  • 14 weekly spreadsheets replaced by a single, graphical webpage that’s available 24/7
  • …and more!

Southco Distributing Finds $280,000 in Annualized Savings–and Climbing!

  • Picking shifts reduced by 60% with no productivity impact
  • Real-time texts alert shift supervisors to issues
  • On-floor dashboards show staff their performance – driving engagement
  • …and more!

Pharmgate Animal Health Drives Double Digit Revenue and Profitability Improvements

  • Double-digit profitability improvement over prior year
  • 100% elimination of monthly Excel sheet with 12 tabs, VLOOKUPs and PivotTables
  • 20% increase in salesforce productivity
  • …and more!

Regulated Manufacturing Operation Regains Profitability with Production Insights

  • Changeover time improved by up to 240%
  • Equipment uptime increased more than 60%
  • Number of downtime incidences per shift dropped by up to 50%
  • …and more!

Pharmaceutical manufacturer goes beyond management dashboards with real-time alerts and escalations

  • Line speed increased up to 80-100%
  • Changeover time reduced by at least 80%
  • Downtime reduced by up to 93%
  • …and more!

Nowsight Solutions

Sales Insights Dashboard

  • Real-time sales data delivered directly to sales reps and management
  • No logging in – the insights come right to you!
  • Nowsight clients typically see a 35% increase in high-value product sales
  • …and more!

Nowtrack Manufacturing Intellience

  • Works with virtually all manufacturing operations
  • Wirelessly tracks output/throughput, line speed, downtime incidents, history and more
  • Installs in less than 10 minutes–only requires power and WiFi
  • …and more!

Simple BI for AccountMate ERP

  • Integrated with AccountMate ERP for easy-to-use visual dashboards
  • Preconfigured dashboards pull real-time data
  • No recurring maintenance fees and unlimited users
  • …and more!

Blog Resources

Tip Sheets

Business Intelligence for Business Transformation Tip Sheet

  • 8 ways BI drives business transformation
  • Transform your culture and data strategy
  • Preview other transformation tools including the Spectrum of Impact and Rules of Engagement
  • …and more!

How to Know if Your BI Tool is the Right One

  • 7 questions to ask about your current BI tool
  • If you don’t have a BI tool, use these questions when evaluating vendors and solutions
  • 98% of businesses now rely on BI tools to some degree
  • …and more!

See the Nowsight Difference

  • 4 questions to determine if your operation can benefit from BI
  • Elminate spreadsheets and reporting
  • Combine all your data sources from spreadsheets to apps to business systems
  • …and more!

White Papers

An Executive’s Guide to Implementing Pragmatic Decision-Making with BI

  • Four common problems companies inadvertently create while trying to get the data they need
  • How BI can get the right information, to the right people, to take action
  • …and more!

5 Rules of Engagement for Breakout Performance

  • 5 rules, based on human nature, to drive transformative results
  • Ensure employees at all levels know what winning looks like, and how to get help when things inevitable go off track
  • …and more!