We eat data for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

and we know how to get to the most elusive KPIs.

If you want it, we can get it. Quickly.

Nowsight™ was built by business operators, for business people. Nowsight™ is a Business Analysis Service that was born out of necessity in a fast-paced operating company that needed to scale efficiently with minimal mistakes. Sitting on top of all of your company’s core software systems, Nowsight™ provides immediate visibility and actionable insight with an interface as intuitive as a web page, personalized to each appropriate team member across the organization.

The founders of Nowsight™, Michael Schader and Adam Burke, are business operators. Friends since childhood on Cape Cod, both Michael and Adam were educated as engineers and MBAs. Together with their Nowsight™ team, they provide a unique combination of expertise in systems, processes, and people management. Michael, a student of computer science with specific interest in robotics and artificial intelligence, has consistently applied technology to solve problems in a variety of settings across his lifetime. Adam started his career on the functional front lines of manufacturing, sales, and marketing, excelling in leadership and executive roles in both traditional global Fortune 10 (PG/GE) and start-up/turn-around businesses.

With a diverse team of experts who can quickly understand the key drivers of your unique company, Nowsight™ provides an invaluable approach to helping you run your company the way YOU want to run it – without inflexible software programs, long implementation times, and expensive business analyst labor or consulting costs.

We are is passionate about enabling businesses to grow and solve problems. Call us today to help you see results now.