Visually See Open Orders and Shipping Status –
Focus on Highest Value and Delayed Orders

With supply chain challenges and ever-increasing customer expectations, it’s critical to track promise dates–and then hit them. Nowsight On-Time Delivery is a cloud-based, visual tracker that helps you zero in on exactly which orders, and which accounts, are at risk due to late delivery.

Nowsight On-Time Delivery improves:

  • On-time delivery, driving customer retention and new business
  • Revenue by preventing high-value order delays, meeting customer demands and improving revenue recognition
  • Productivity by highlighting potential problems before they arise
  • Margin, focusing customer support on value-added tasks instead of issue resolution, plus no concessions for later-than-promised deliveries

You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

Each column represents upcoming date ranges and the rows are stacked with the highest value orders at the top. Instantly see – based on automatic color coding customized to your business – where orders are late, or at risk of being late, all in REAL TIME.

And, of course, you can filter your view by customer, plant, or just about any configuration your business needs.

Drill-down directly into detailed orders with just a click. And it’s available 24/7 with instant updates based on your ERP and CRM.

Fully-Featured Right Out of the Box

Nowsight doesn’t believe in per-user license fees, or feature tiers. On-Time Delivery is fully-featured from Day 1, with your business structure/terminology and thresholds pre-configured. NO widgets to manage, NO coding or near-coding needed. We do it for you without giant configuration fees.

  • See real-time status of all orders
  • See potential misses before the order is late
  • Segmented quick view gives a high-level view with click-to-see-more functionality
  • Automated text alerts on critical orders
  • Quick-view summary metrics at the top
  • Leaderboard for top performing site/plant/production lines
  • Built-in logic flags if an order promise date is after the requested date
  • Priority logic customized to trigger escalations
  • Memo field allows for account notation directly from your dashboard
  • Powerful sort and filter functionality – oldest to newest, most overdue by tier, view by region/plant/product
  • Automated daily morning emails can be configured by product/customer/plan/etc

Trigger Notifications to Alert the Right People

It’s great to be able to see your entire shipping picture on one screen. But it’s even better if that system triggers automated emails or text – to the exact people that need to act – if something needs attention. 

For example:

  • What if one of your top 25 accounts has an order delivery date slip? Have the account manager automatically emailed the details so they can proactively contact the customer–before the promise date–to manage expectations.
  • What if your production was extra-efficient last month and orders are shipping early? Customer service could reach out with newly updated, and accelerated delivery dates and ensure the client will be able to receive the shipment.
  • What if an order over $1M moves to the critical stage? Have a real-time text sent to leadership, notifying them to dig deeper.

This is all possible with our unique Real Time Alerts functionality–available at no additional cost.

Implementation Faster Than You Can Say
“On-Time Delivery”

Nowsight is known for our white-glove implementation service. Just one 15-minute call per week is all we need. We’re experts at connecting disparate, independent systems. From ERPs like AccountMate, QuickBooks, even SAP to warehouse management systems, CRMs, and more. And you don’t need dedicated IT staff because we make sure the data is connected, and continually updated, with 99.9% uptime.

Get a free 30-minute data analysis to learn how to unlock insights in your outstanding orders. Improve profitability, customer loyalty and revenue.