Identify, Alert, and Prevent Late Order Fulfillment with Nowsight AI-Driven On-time Delivery

Single, Consolidated, Powerful View Focuses Attention to Top Accounts and High-Value Orders


ALEXANDRIA, VA., Dec. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nowsight, the innovator of real-time business insights, unveils an AI-driven order delivery solution that enables companies to see shipment status by account priority, order size, delivery date, product type, and more – all using the data and systems companies already use.

“This is a groundbreaking capability,” said Kevin Stroud, President, NexLAN. “The ability to pull in data from any system, including spreadsheets, and to then apply AI to surface insights about the potential impact of late orders is unlike anything else I’ve seen. It increases the ability to quickly see, track, and correct orders to ensure top- and bottom-line growth.”

B2B buying trends are now mirroring B2C as buyers bring Amazon-like expectations to the business purchasing experience. Recent research shows 14% of buyers will abandon a retailer if they receive a late delivery one time. Combine that with increasing global competition, and every single late order puts customer loyalty at risk, driving down customer lifetime value.

“You can’t underestimate the impact that both on-time and late deliveries have on a business,” said Nowsight CEO Michael Schader. “And while inventory or finance systems show some parts of outbound shipments, they lose the ability to then apply logic to that data by priority, plant/location, or other key attributes. That’s why we developed On Time Delivery, building on our entire suite of AI-enhanced business tools. It’s also why we created an on-demand cost calculator to help organizations quantify, even conservatively, the impact of late orders.”

On Time Delivery is a web-based solution that updates automatically and can be configured by Nowsight’s white-glove implementation team with minimal IT involvement. It can be configured to send email or text alerts based on changes to order status so account managers can proactively control the conversation around delivery.

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