Automation and efficiency

is critical in a modern warehouse.

Handheld scanners, inventory management and purchasing systems create gigabytes of data for management teams. Purchase orders and vendor promotions can drive profitability, if monitored in real-time.

But how actionable are those data sources and resulting reports? Frankly, they aren’t.

Ordinary business intelligence system connect a few data sources and generates dashboard dials. The Nowsight difference is combining Artificial Intelligence with advance Business Intelligence to deliver the right information, to the right people, and the right time.

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The Nowsight team are on it, and their backgrounds in both technology and operations bring a lot to the table. It’s not just ‘here is the data,’ but ‘here is what you can do and here are the underlying causes.’ Simply put, Nowsight delivers.

Sherwin HerringCEO, Southco Distributing Company

The Nowsight difference for

Warehousing/Distribution companies

Nowsight has never met a data source that we can’t integrate. From spreadsheets, to cloud-based systems, to antiquated systems tied to dot-matrix printers, we rise to the challenge.

Combining data sources is just the beginning as we then apply Artificial Intelligence to recognize common patterns and automatically spot anomalies.

By leveraging both BI and AI, Nowsight delivers the speed and scale warehouse and distribution companies need for top-line growth and bottom-line savings.

Nowsight Actionable Insights include:
  • Real-time alerts via email or text
    Example: Shift manager alerted to an extended interval between an employee’s picks
  • Automatic escalations based on thresholds
    Example: Operations leader alerted when an item hits out-of-stock status three times in a week
  • Morning scorecard
    A summary of the prior day and evening’s KPIs, tailored by role: Senior Executive, Middle Management, Line Management, Accounting, etc.