Real-time Manufacturing Intelligence is Now Possible

Wireless data collection drives a powerful dashboard, realtime alerts and downtime tracking without any changes to existing machinery or equipment.

Virtually any production line, manufacturing process, or assembly operation that is automated, semi-automatic, or manual can produce real-time performance and productivity metrics.

Nowtrack is a groundbreaking Business Intelligence solution that works with virtually all manufacturing operations. Nowtrack wirelessly tracks output/throughput, line speed, downtime incidents, yield, history and more.

And the system can be setup in less than 10 minutes and requires NO integration to existing hardware. All you need is a power outlet and WiFi!

Downtime timer starts as soon as sensors stop detecting activity.
Downtime incidents are logged with to-the-second accuracy.
Line speed and accuracy refresh at 10-second intervals.
Compare current performance to historical.

Download the Nowtrack Manufacturing Intelligence Overview Sheet

The fastest and easiest way to track production uptime, line speed, output, and downtime incidents.


Improve team productivity up to 200% and line output up to 55% with Nowtrack real-time monitoring, integrated dashboard and workforce engagement system.