How to Collect and Leverage Data So It Actually Makes Your Business Better w/Michael Schader – The Aerospace Executive Podcast with Craig Picken

Nowsight CEO Michael Schader joined Craig Picken on the Aerospace Executive Podcast to discuss how businesses can effectively collect and leverage their data.

In nearly all cases, it’s not about needing more data — it’s about connecting and mining the data you already have. When done right, your data stops sitting in spreadsheets and reports, and starts providing actionable insights in real-time, working for your business as a motivational tool that can also prevent and solve problems.

“It’s answering the right questions with the right data and providing those answers with the right visualization.” – Michael Schader

About the podcast:
The Aerospace Executive Podcast features in-depth conversations with executives, leaders, influencers, and journalists in this dynamic, high-stakes industry. Hosted by Craig Picken, founder of NorthStar Group, the boutique executive search firm for the aerospace industry. Craig recruits senior level leadership, sales and operations executives for some of the most prominent companies in aviation and aerospace.