Powerful Financial Insights and Reports in an Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Simple BI from Nowsight is the fastest and easiest way to deliver business intelligence.

Simple Bl is the ideal way for small and medium-sized business to gain the insights of a Business Intelligence system, at a fraction of the cost of a highly customized solution.


Delivered by Nowsight, a leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions, Simple Bl is integrated with AccountMate to provide easy-to-use visual dashboards the deliver up-to-the-minute actionable insights.

  • Pre-configured dashboards create easy-to-understand visualizations

  • Works with your existing AccountMate system, pulling real-time data and delivering new insights you can immediately act on

  • Smart goals show progress against your targets, based on where you are in the reporting period. KPls that are always “red” until you hit them (usually at the end of the month) don’t give you enough information to react/adjust while there is still time

  • Affordable monthly subscription with unlimited users, no recurring maintenance/upgrade costs

  • Powerful dashboard elements with click-to-drill-down functionality

  • Free report writer to customize and create your own reports

  • Action Items module to track business-critical must-dos

  • 1. Easy-to-read dashboard graphics show you where you stand against targets
  • 2. Action items stay top-of-mind
  • 3. Outlier transactions flagged to help spot potential issues
  • 4. Drill down into any report with a simple click
  • 5. Visualize annualized numbers, and see performance against targets and historical data