Understand Sales Performance In Ways You Never Thought Possible

This is way more than "how close to quota is each sales rep or branch office." We're talking revenue (not just gross sales), per-order profitability, per account-profitability, promotional attainment and more. Available 24/7 and a simple click for more details.

Straight-to-the-inbox insights are generated based on the prior days orders–focusing the sales team on exactly the most impactful actions they can take. And because we know your sales teams are always on the go, no logins are required.

For leadership, see more than ever before. Know which accounts cost more to serve than you make in profit. See how your profit and sales stand YTD, compared to prior years and compared to goals–all in a single view. See the sales leaderboard based on profitability, improvement year-over-year, and more.

Sales BI for distributors


See current performance compared to historical, best ever, goals and more! Mousing-over the dashboard gives additional information and just click-to-drill and see the underlaying data.
Sales BI dashboard


Real-time dials and graphs focus in the most impactful areas. See performance by location, division, region, product or other key metric.
Improve profitability by maximizing per-account profit and vendor promotions
No need to login – insights are sent directly to your inbox every morning
Improved executive and sales rep visibility into accounts and trends
Compare current performance to historical, goals, and promotion targets

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Southco Distributing, one of the top 10 Convenience Distributors in the U.S. is focused on driving top-line growth and bottom-line savings. They put Nowsight Sales Insights to work and:

  • Improved per-store profitability by 10%
  • Reduced underperforming accounts by 50%
  • Sees 100% visibility on promotional performance at the account and order level

Seegars Fence Company knew they needed a better way to track the performance of their 14 branches without using spreadsheets. They turned to Nowsight Sales Insights Business Intelligence to:

  • Eliminate 4,000 hours annually in reporting business data (equivalent to 2 FTEs)
  • Deliver 6x the data for company leadership than prior reporting systems
  • Provide branches with up-to-the-minute performance metrics and KPIs
BI Sales Dashboard Sales Leaderboard Sales Insights Business Intelligence

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