The amount of data your company is creating and collecting is increasing at a staggering pace. But what is that data being used for–and who is trying to find insights and actions buried in that data? How are your competitors using their data to outflank you?

Business Intelligence drives real business transformation, but only if the right people get the right data, in time to act on it. People and processes must be data-driven and focused on the same goal.

Not just software – information you run your business on

Having a system that runs 24/7 not just gathering data, but analyzing it…that’s where Business Intelligence with integrated AI comes in. What’s the difference? I’m glad you asked.

It’s great to see stock levels—that’s reporting.

What’s better is seeing how stock levels trend over time—that’s plain old Business Intelligence.

What’s revenue-impacting is seeing which stock items had outside-the-norm changes (up or down) so that your team can immediately look into what is going on. That’s the Nowsight difference.

  • Were inventory levels just off and this was a correction?
  • Was there a spike in demand for a product?
  • Have we been unable to get a product in stock?
  • Did a client stop ordering a SKU or a class of SKUs?

This is the real impact that business intelligence can have on your business. It’s what we mean by actionable information. Aggregating data is where most BI systems stop. They connect to many (not all) of your data sources and then turn them into a graph that tracks against some corporate goals. But they stop short of analyzing the data for trends, where current performance tracks compared to historical and current goals, .

Business Intelligence can drive business transformation

We’ve created a tipsheet, How Business Intelligence Drives Business Transformation, to help you understand the impact data has on your business–and how it can drive profitability and growth for both you and your company.

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