Have you seen an uptick in operational or departmental reports generated across your operations? Businesses often turn to reporting to help spot issues, detect trends and improve the health of the business.

But here’s the kicker: Reporting almost never works.

It doesn’t work because in the time it takes to compile and analyze the data—your team has lost the opportunity to act.

What does work, is real-time alerting. And we haven’t found a business yet that hasn’t been amazed at the power of real-time alerts, and the direct, positive impact they’ve seen.

Think you don’t have the data for real-time alerts?

Nearly any process or operation can generate the data needed for real-time alerts. You may even already be collecting the data you need–because nearly every system your business runs on creates data feeds that can be tapped.

Even (especially) if you don’t have infrastructure for data collection, or the means to provide the data real time to employees we have solutions that can measure manual, semi-automated or fully-automated activities can be measured with nothing more than WiFi and a power outlet. Providing real-time information for factory/floor employees allows them to quickly change behaviors and actions so they immediately work toward achieving the right goals. It also allows management and shift leaders to see real-time issues to give maximum reaction time. For example, a shift manager could get an alert if their overtime budget is overspent based on the latest timesheets. That empowers the manager to immediately look at the upcoming shifts to address the overage.

It’s the power of the right information, to the right people, at the right time!

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