“I can’t share our performance and metrics with employees!”

We hear that regularly from our clients. At some point, business leaders started to meter/control access to data and insights–but why? Do we fear if this information gets out that employees won’t understand it, or won’t use it correctly? Do we fear people seeing things in the data that we don’t?

Good news: We find the exact opposite is true. Communicating your business goals and, specifically, what success looks like, is critical. So is sharing progress against those goals and steps employees can take to achieve them. In our experiences, sharing actionable data in real time with employees is what separates good companies from great companies.

Moving to a culture of empowered employees drives employee engagement

We call it data democratization–giving employees access to the right information, at the right time, so they can perform at their peak. This often requires a change in mindset, but our clients see improvements quickly and steadily when they do this.

Check out our white paper, Rules of Engagement, to learn more about sharing metrics and performance against goals with your team. It’s easier than you might fear!


Real-Time Business Intelligence Drives Bottom-Line Results

In distribution business where margins are tight it’s all about the “what ifs”:

  • What if you get an email when inventory of a given SKU, or family of SKUs, exceeds or falls below a predetermined threshold?
  • What if your sales team gets a text when an account’s order volume varied from normal?
  • What if your shift manager receives a text when a picker went longer than 10 minutes between picks (or 3 minutes, or 45 seconds—you choose)?
  • What if your buyer gets emails when a SKU goes out-of-stock more than twice in a week?

These are the kinds of insights that can make an immediate and dramatic impact on an inventory-driven business. A Business Intelligence (BI) solution that connects your existing inventory and picking systems is the key.

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