As 2020 quickly races toward its inevitable (and mostly welcome) end, you are undoubtedly turning your attention to 2021 strategic planning. At any point in the process have you thought to yourself, “I wish I had data on ________?”

We typically find that people don’t need help with reports coming out of their systems–inventory reports, accounts receivable, revenue by account, etc. What we hear from our clients, when they first come to us, is wanting insights that cross reporting systems. And that’s where Business Intelligence really rolls up its sleeves and does the heavy lifting.

Drive top-line growth and bottom-line savings

Depending on the margins in your business, revenue per customer and profit per customer can be dramatically different percentages. This typically requires significant number crunching because it’s rare for the data needed for these calculations to reside in the same place.

This is where Business Intelligence excels. By normalizing the data, making connections between data sets and then performing the math–all at lightning speed–you can have business-impacting information at your fingertips.

Even if your systems haven’t been connected thus far, doesn’t mean you can’t have the benefit of hindsight, and the value that comes with real-time data going forward. 

2021 strategic planning–from insights to actions!

The best part about putting the right BI system in place is that it helps grow and focus your business every day. You will see insights every day that you can take immediate action to improve or correct. So when 2022 planning comes around, it will be more about continuing to focus on what’s working.

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