Data visualization is a key aspect of BI systems. But too often, plug-and-play or build-your-own systems miss the mark with basic and non-value-added charts. The balance comes in simplifying tremendous amounts of data into views that are actually useful.

More Insights From Data Visualization

Sure a bar chart of revenue is great to see month-over-month trends or seasonality. But what if you could also see how this period compares to the prior year? Or how it compares to goals? What if this information was overlaid so you can just mouse over each trend line and immediately understand where you stand?

That’s the power of a more-than-vanilla data visualization. Consider how that’s 3-4 different data sets you’d have to collect, normalize, graph and overlay. No organization should be dedicating headcount to that type of reporting work–it’s just not an efficient use of resources.

Drilling into Data

To really benefit from data visualizations, you should be able to quickly and easily drill-down into the underlying data. A simple click should bring up the detailed data–which can then further be sorted or organized. You shouldn’t be more than 4 clicks from the answers you seek.

Contextual Visualizations Keep You On Track

I know you’ve all seen a typical sales goal dial chart. Your team, even when they are on-track, spends the majority of the month in the red or yellow, and then in the last days of the month, surge into the green and everyone high-fives. But what if your chart gave you contextual information–showing how sales are progressing relative to the day of the month? If your data engine was able to show that level of sophistication–how could that positively impact your sales team to push orders?

Every day our clients see the power of elegant data visualizations and how they directly impact their business. From helping grow the top-line to saving money that improves the bottom line–being able to spot issues and highlights in your business, Nowsight is your trusted partner. Let’s talk about how to chart new levels of business growth!