Let’s face it, you have your phone on you all day, every day. But most companies aren’t harnessing the power of mobile devices to alert employees and staff when something is amiss. Real-time text alerts can have a significant impact on your operations, especially if you operate a warehouse.

Real-time Alerts for Warehouses and Distribution

When items go out of stock, it impacts orders, which impacts revenue. When inventory systems say that product is in the warehouse, but it’s not where it’s supposed to be, it impacts inventory costs, which impacts revenue.

Business Intelligence connects these systems with real-time text alerts in a way that drives revenue.  Here are some real-world examples:

  • When something is marked as out of stock by the picking team, the stocking supervisor gets a text–not just that the item is out of stock, but that the inventory system says an additional product was delivered yesterday. This allows the supervisor to immediately move into problem-solving mode to find the missing product.
  • When a high-demand item arrives on the shipping dock, the stocking supervisor gets a text that the product has arrived so they can prioritize getting the product ready for picking.
  • When a SKU is out-of-stock more than twice in a 24-hour period, the stocking supervisor gets a text but so does the operations manager–so they can work together to keep high-demand items available for customers.
  • When an account doesn’t order for 2 weeks in a row, the account manager gets a text to check in with the account. If it goes 3 weeks or longer the account manager and their supervisor are alerted.
  • When an account has 3 consecutive weeks of orders below your prescribed profitability threshold, the account manager gets a real-time text alert to focus on getting that account back to profitability–or to assess per-order fees to make up the difference.

All these alerts are customizable based on your unique business, of course. But the key here is the speed of getting information to the people that need it. You can’t wait for an end-of-day report via email to see what items were out of stock. Solving those issues in real-time is the key to drive increased revenue.