Real-Time Manufacturing Business Intelligence

Nowtrack is a groundbreaking Business Intelligence solution that works with virtually all manufacturing operations. Nowtrack wirelessly tracks output/throughput, line speed, downtime incidents, yield, history, and more. The system can be set up in less than 1o minutes, and requires NO integration with existing hardware.

Nowtrack sends real-time productivity and downtime alerts via email or text, based on custom-defined or pre-established thresholds. It records and displays output metrics based on historical averages and presents the information on a real-tie web-based dashboard.

It really is that simple.


The plug-and-go Nowtrack system means as long as you have power and Wi-Fi, you can gather data directly from your manufacturing equipment.

  1. Timer starts as soon as sensors stop detecting activity
  2. Downtime incidents logged with accuracy to-the-second
  3. Line speed and item count refresh at 10-second intervals
  4. Compare current performance to historical

The fastest and easiest way to track production uptime, line speed, output, and downtime incidents. Improve team productivity up to 200% and line output up to 55% with this real-time, integrated dashboard and workforce engagement system.

Nowtrack includes:

External device with 3 sensor options can be mounted in virtually any configuration

  • Single-point sensor — counts units
  • Scanning sensor — reads barcodes
  • Beam sensor — detects motion
Powerful real-time reporting dashboard for 24/7 monitoring
  • Real-time alerts via email/text for downtime incidents, output variances, goal attainment (thresholds are configurable)
  • Tracks historical milestones/peak productivity for continuous improvement
  • Download metrics for further analysis
  • Optional touch-screen display can show dashboard right at the manufacturing equipment location
  • Mobile-optimized for seamless viewing on desktop, tablet, and phone


1. Plug in Nowtrack power cord  >>  2. Place sensor in desired location  >>  3. Connect Nowtrack to WiFi