{Your first name: (First):76.3},

On the following pages we will walk you through an in-depth explanation of your ROI Results. Again, without doing actual due-diligence with your organization we obviously cannot state that this assessment is accurate. For instance, we do not know anything about your revenue, exact business model, bandaids you may have already put in place to fix inefficiencies, etc… Anyway, it’s the best we can offer in lieu of more information and– in our experience– there is usually more truth than false represented in the results.

Show me.Show me.

Your costs of reporting.

${Hard Cost:3}

+   ${Waste:31}

=   ${True Cost:33}

Industry {Your Industry:70}
Employees {Total Employees:79}
Structure {Organizational Structure:73}
Reporting Team {Your Team:1}
Reporting Time {Time Investment:12}
AVG Rate {Employee Hourly Rate:2}
Distribution Method: {Distribution Method:11}
Data Lag: {Data Lag:30}
Efficiency: {Efficiency of your Organization:45}
Current Reporting: {Opinion of Current Reporting:32}
Waste Ratio: {Waste-Ratio:60}
Waste-5 Years: {Waste-Cost (5 Years):49}
True Cost- 5 Years: {True-Cost (5 Years):50}
{Hard Cost:3}
{Hard Cost:3}

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