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1. We aggregate all of your spreadsheet data.

We take your data from all of your spreadsheets and aggregate them into one master data set.

2. Then we grab your business data from the cloud.

We connect to all of your cloud apps, like Salesforce,  and incorporate that data too.

3. Then we build rules and triggers that are customized to your business.

We find out what is important to you and then build a solution that does exactly what you want it to do.

4. We deliver the KPIs that you have always dreamed about.

What used to take days- or weeks- is now available 24/7/365. It’s a 100% real-time view of everything.


Read our white paper on how to look at your data and design an optimized system that delivers insights that you never knew were possible.

  • Learn how to build an ‘always on’ data strategy
  • Explore the value of correlating related data across departments

With Nowsight we get exactly what we have always wanted and our staff has been freed up from about 90 hours per week spent on reporting.

Bobby BatchelorSeegars Fence

There’s not a system on the market that could duplicate what Nowsight does for us.

Matt ShermanTRL

The earlier you start with a company like Nowsight, I think the better it is, versus going off in a darkened room, in a committee, and thinking about something for months and months at a time. You don’t know what you don’t know, and working with Michael has shown us all the things we don’t know and can get us deeper dives and the bigger picture.

Mike WeberSoluble Systems

Nowsight has decentralized our data and empowered managers to do their job, and that’s managing the P&L. It’s given accountability, and the culture that that has and will continue to create is something that is not easy to do, and it certainly wouldn’t have been done through our traditional financial reporting.

Adam LauberAlcami

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